1. Please put only the case number, as 2112345 or 21-12345, in the subject line. Refrain from copying and pasting into the subject line. Special formatting may be pasted, and your message will be rejected.
  2. The Cases number must be the first item in the subject line. Nothing can exist before the case number. Remove RE: , FW: , and ALL characters, including spaces before case number in the subject
  3. File names of attached documents must not contain special characters.
  4. Keep the total attachment size below 10MB. Files over 9MB can cause the email reader program to crash.
  5. If a debtor emails you a picture of a document, please convert it to a pdf file under 10MB. Then email the pdf file.
  6. Please add to your allowed senders list. This email is used by our case management software to confirm receipt or report issues with received Support documents. Do NOT reply to this email address.
  7. Both above email addresses are unattended. Anything typed in the body of the message is not read by any employee. Any response sent to those addresses is not read by any employee.
  8. The 341 Declaration and Questions forms can be found on our FORMS page. The form is now fillable by pdf editors and viewers. Please complete and email this form to by 4:30 pm on Wednesday after the §341 Hearing has concluded. Please ​DO NOT email the documents used to verify the debtor(s) identity.