On March 1, 2024, the Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee Tammy L. Terry ended support for Plan Calc 1 on the 13Network.com, which will ultimately lead to a complete phase out of the 13Network.com. 

As of today, Plan Calc 1 is available on the National Data Center. 


Click on the Plan Calc button under the debtor’s names.  It works just like the 13Network plan calc. 

HOW TO ACCESS PLAN CALC ON NDC for Debtor Attorneys:

If you have not yet set up a National Data Center account at www.ndc.org, please contact me off list. 

  • Provide the first and last name of the new primary NDC account holder 
  • Provide the email address you want used with the primary account, and 
  • Provide a username for the primary account
  • Provide your Name ID #Find NameID: open a case in 13network.com, click on Parties tab, click on your name or firm name in the list of parties, NameID is 6 fields down.

Once the primary NDC.org account is created you can create sub accounts for members of your staff.