Our office does NOT accept ANY Chapter 13 related documents sent directly to the staff’s work email addresses.

ALL Case related documents must be uploaded via the Bankruptcy Documents website at www.bkdocs.us 

Please create a free document submission account at www.bkdocs.us and start uploading financial documents, proposed Orders Confirming Plan, and proposed stipulations via the site.

Existing users must be authorized to upload a document. You may request permission for Tammy L. Terry at https://bkdocs.us/filer/trustees.php


The bkdocs.us site requires that a case number and a Form Type be used to upload documents. This is not a problem for 99% of the documents which are associated with the debtor case number.

PRO TIP TO EXPEDITE UPLOADING OF DOCUMENTS: If you place the case number at the beginning of your document’s filename, it will fill in the case number field for you. If you place the form type number, after the case number separated by an underscore, in your document’s filename, it will fill in the form type number field for you as well. The text after the case number and form type is not used by the Trustee and can include text and numbers to identify your client and the document’s content.

For examples:
a. If you are uploading an Income Tax Return document for Case Number 23-45454 for John Smith’s 2019 tax year, you could name the document: 2345454_3708_SMITH_Tax_Year_2019.pdf
b. If it was an expense document, it could be named 2345454_3709_SMITH_CableBillNov2022.pdf

The Electronic Attorney / Creditor Disbursements (EFT) form type is NOT case specific but requires a case number to be uploaded. Please use case number 2299999 when uploading the Electronic Attorney / Creditor Disbursements (EFT) form and related documents. The EFT form is named 2299999_3717_EFT-Form_New_Agreement.pdf for your convenience. You may bundle all required EFT documents into a single file but remember to keep the case number and form type in the file name (. i.e., 2299999_3717_EFT_SignedBundle_For_TammyLTerry.pdf)

More information is available at https://www.det13.net/eft_disbursement_information/

Below are the available Document Form Types that you may upload.