Our office now offers payments online via TFS Billpay.
TFS Billpay allows you to make payments for your case in a variety of methods. Tax refunds, settlements, and other lump sums can be transmitted directly to our bank from yours. Safe, easy and low cost!
With a court order, you can also make your regular plan payments electronically.
Please see the information below for more details:

See the Forms page for the Stipulation Excusing Third-Party Payment Order.
Important information about TFS:

  • Payments made via TFS will post to the Trustee’s system after a 5 business day hold by TFS.
  • Payments returned for any reason (NSF, etc.) within the 5 business day hold will NOT post to the Trustee’s system.
  • TFS guarantees all payments once they are posted to the Trustee’s system.
  • Funds received via TFS will not be subject to any holds by the Trustee and are available for immediate disbursement.
  • A nominal fee is charged by TFS for online payments.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact TFS at 1-800-729-2413

Additional TFS Forms – (STIP, Flyer and training)

  • Stipulation and Order Excusing Wage Order and Ordering Electronic Transfer of Funds Word – Updated 1-5-2016
  • TFS Informational Flyer PDF
  • TFS FAQ for Attorneys PDF
  • TFS Weekly Attorney Webinar PDF