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OCP Formatting

The Court has asked that all offices refrain from submitting Orders Confirming Plan (OCP) with text boxes and other complex formatting in the signature portion of the document.

These objects cause processing problems for the Court. The Court has begun rejecting orders that cannot be processed by their system.

Our version of the OCP is available on the Library link, on our web site.

Our form has been certified by the Court as functional; does not have any extra objects in the signature portion of the document.

Our version is simply the court’s version with the Trustee’s signature line completed.

Microsoft Word & WordPerfect formats on the Court's web site HERE.

We ask that everyone please review your OCP documents and make any revisions required. Orders that are returned to us by the Court will be returned to the originating office for correction.

PRE-341 Hearing Documents

Effective immediately! Documentation requested by the Trustee, in preparation for a 341 Hearing, are due to the Trustee's Office on or before noon on the Tuesday ONE WEEK PRIOR to the scheduled 341 Hearing.

(Example: If an 341 Hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6, 2007; documents are due to our office on or before Tuesday, January 30, 2007: 12:00 p.m.)

Take Note: Only income tax returns and pay stubs for 341 Hearings should be mailed to

All other documentation should be emailed directly to the Pre-Confirmation Analyst whose two end-digit number matches the two end-digit number of the affected case number. See our "Who does What at the Trustee's Office" for email and fax information.

Notice of Chapter 13 Trustee OCP and Certificate Email Address

Pursuant to the Judge’s recent Notice regarding Procedures for Chapter 13 Confirmation Hearings held on or after December 11, 2006, before Judge Tucker and Judge Shapero, please send the proposed Order Confirming Plan’s (OCP’s) and Revised Order Confirming Plan’s to the following address:

This email address is for Order Confirming plans and Revised Order Confirming Plans only. Per the procedures, the deadline for Judge Tucker is the Friday before the hearing and for Judge Shapero the Tuesday before the hearing.

Email formatting and other details can be read here.

A Word version of the Order Confirming plan can be found in on our Library Page. New BSS Software / NO MORE TRAC*

As promised, the Office of the Chapter 13 Standing Trustee Tammy L Terry will switch to the new BSS software on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 for our case management. As a result, the TRAC system will no longer be available beyond Wednesday, November 8, 2006 (data as of Tuesday, November 7, 2006). You must use your 13Network/com ID and password to obtain access to your client’s case information.

Try your old TRAC ID and password at If you require an ID and password, please complete a web access agreement form found at the above link.

As this change will affect our office and your staff, please be patience and understanding as we all adjust to the changes.

* Krispen Carroll's STILL uses TRAC.

Fax Number Deactivations at Trustee's Office

Please be advised that the following general fax lines to this office have been terminated at the Office of the Chapter 13 Trustee Tammy L. Terry.

313-967-9501 – TERMINATED

313-967-9558 - TERMINATED

313-967-9042 - TERMINATED

Email submissions of the documents in PDF formats are preferred.


As has been announced previously, the Office of Tammy L. Terry is in the process of converting from an old generation of Ch 13 Software to a new generation. This conversion will be complete in November 2006. Once the conversion is complete this office can no longer offer TRAC.

Upon conversion case information will be available only via the 13Network. At that time plan calculations will be made available on the 13Network. These Plan Calcs will be the same as the calculations performed on our internal software. The TRAC computer will be unplugged. The 13Network and the National Data Center will be the only sources of Ch 13 case information.

If you have not yet signed up for the 13Network then avoid the last minute rush and do so now. Sign up forms can be found on the Information page of this site. All current 13Network accounts will be transferred to the new version of the 13Network.

This notice applies ONLY to the TRAC system for Tammy L. Terry's office. David Ruskin’s office has already converted and discontinued use of TRAC.If you already have an ID and password for, no action is required.

Please try your TRAC ID on the site before submitting a request for an ID.

Please click HERE for a copy of the user agreement. Complete the form and return it to us to gain access to the site.

Please click HERE for a copy of the user manual for the 13Network.341 Status Sheets by Email Only Annoucement

Our office began emailing 341 status sheets to a select BETA group earlier this year. Effective immediately, we will no longer provide status sheets in any other manner. The sign-up form and the full announcement on this topic can be found online at . If you previously submitted the sign-up sheet, there is no need to send another.

Policy for Emailing the Trustee's Office - UPDATED

The following is the Trustee's policy for receiving E-MAIL and Other Electronic Communications To and From the Office of Tammy L. Terry

To better integrate ECF and the internet into our daily office routines, we would like to announce the following policy for our office.

13Network Sign Up Starts
Case information in now available online at the The 13Network is a great place to go for retreiving Print Inquiries, looking up payment history, treatment of claims, and disbursements. We are currently reviewing the option to allow debtors to log in and review their cases too; however, currently only attorneys and creditors have access.

Please fax back only form pages (with information entered) and not the agreement term pages. This will reduce paper waste.

Please click HERE for a copy of the user agreement. Complete the form and return it to us to gain access to the site.

Please click HERE for a copy of the user manual for the 13Network.

This information is also available on the INFORMATION page of our web site. Note to existing TRAC users - If your existing TRAC ID and password does not work at, a new request must be made to gain access.

TRAC Manual Available Online

The 2nd Edition of the TRAC Manual is now available for download from the Library page of this web site.

The manual is about 3MB in size and is in PDF format. Please download a copy and make it available for your staff.

State Exemptions Update

Governor Granholm has approved changes to the State exemptions. More information can be found HERE at the Michigan Legislature's web site.

Please make use of the contact information provided on this site for communicating with the Trustee and Carl Brooks, our Manager of Information Services.
Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to Carl Brooks.
Copyright © 1999-2005 Tammy L. Terry. All rights reserved.
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